Far Infrared Heating Pad (HM-518)
Far Infrared heat for pain relief, warmth, comfort, relaxation
FIR Heating Pad

This high quality Far Infrared (FIR) heating pad is soft, flexible and may be used for your shoulders, waist, back, legs, abdomen or arms, to temporarily relieve and reduce pain, muscle aches, soreness, monthly pains and sports injuries.  It is also very effective for physiotherapy.

The FIR heating pad may be placed anywhere on the body to relax tight muscles and tension. Far Infrared heat increases circulation, supporting relaxation.

FIR Radiation reaches deep into your body anywhere and everywhere you want it to.  It makes you feel absolutely terrific: the blood circulation increases, metabolism is improved and internal organs are stimulated.

The FIR PAD generates heat by applying new technology High Density Galvanothermic Carbon Wire; the technology allows the FIR PAD to reach high temperatures in a very short period of time.  The range of temperatures can be set from room temperature up to 45C (113F) for enhanced circulation and up to 55C (131F) for physiotherapy.

Simply switch on the power, choose the temperature you desire and the length of time — timer has a maximum of 60 minutes.  An instruction booklet is included.

What Are Far Infrared Rays (FIR)?
Within the magnetic spectrum, while some rays, such as light, can be seen by the unaided human eye, most are totally invisible to us. Far infrared Rays (FIR) are well beyond the ability of the naked eye to see. FIR is capable of penetrating deep into the human body. It can gently and delightfully elevate the body's temperature. When it does so, it helps to expand capillaries which stimulates blood circulation. This increases the body's energy reserve, and accelerates the metabolic exchange between blood and body tissue. That's not all! FIR can actually improve the body tissue's regenerative ability. It also reduces abnormalities in the nervous system and helps the autonomic nervous system function properly. Needless to say, now that FIR's outstanding properties are gaining worldwide recognition and acclaim, we are beginning to see it appear in a wide variety of medical applications.

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