The Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Test Report in Grenzenlos Magazine, January 2004

German Health magazine Fit for Fun tested 7 Chi Machines on the following criteria: what is included, operation, noise and finish.

A person is only healthy when their chi-energy is balanced and in harmony — according to Chinese medicine — and when it is, it is possible to live to be 100.

Qi or Chi life energy must be able to circulate unimpeded. If the energy channels (meridians) are blocked this can lead to problems, indisposition and even illness. The Japanese Shizuo Inoue developed a machine to stimulate the energy flow — the Chi Machine. It causes a rhythmic movement from the ankles upwards. This rhythmic swing is like having a gentle massage and is in a figure of 8 with crossover points at the ankles, lower stomach and the head. (see illustration)

Someone on the machine experiences a soft tingling in the extremities. They feel good, awake and as if newborn. Very importantly, through regular use (e.g. 10 minutes morning and evening) the Chi machine improves the oxygen uptake of the cells. This oxygen uptake leads to a reduction in leg swelling (venous blockage), it assists lymph drainage and purification, stimulates internal organs, relaxes, is easy on joints and vertebrae, loosens the pelvic and back muscles, stretches and releases the vertebrae, conditions tissues and ligaments and accelerates weight loss. No wonder that with so many positive effects, there is enormous interest.

Cheap machines from discount chains and from internet shops are flooding the market. A good enough reason for Fit for Fun to carefully examine the offers. We tested 7 Chi machines. Most of them tested badly. Results showed very quickly that there are only 2 top products — the Sun Ancon and the similar, but not shown here, Chi Sun (750Euro). Both machines are separated from the world of copycats — not only in price but also in quality. Most of the cheap machines had a loud motor noise, which is not conducive to the relaxation effect. The finish on many machines was also cheap.

The test winner, the Sun Ancon, has been clinically tested in Japan and Australia and licensed for use in therapies. Our expert, sports physiotherapist Thomas Marquard successfully uses both models himself as well as in his practice. His long experience supports the findings of the Fit for Fun tests. Marquard says "the calories burned during a session are the equivalent of about 10000 steps — although it cannot replace an actual walk in the woods in the fresh air!"

It seems important to us to weed out the cheap internet offers and to decide on the physiological effects of the remaining machines.

The correct swing: So that the optimum effect is achieved, the movement of the Chi Machine must be correctly attuned to the body. The feet rest in a holder that moves in a fixed frequency and way from side to side. The body is moved in a perfect figure of 8. Lesser quality machines do not move the body in the figure of 8. That can lead to physiological problems and can even be dangerous.

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"I myself use Chi machines as therapy" — Fit for Fun expert Thomas Marquardt.