The Chi Machine in use
The Chi Machine in use
 The Sun Ancon Chi Machine 
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Nicola Gilbert
Hello, I am Nicola Gilbert of Grapevine Health.  I am a reflexologist, nutritionist and complementary therapist living in Sheffield, England.  I can help you with in-depth knowledge of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and Far Infrared (FIR) HotHouse.

The Chi Machine and FIR HotHouse may be able to help you as they have helped me and many other people (see testimonials).

Watch these two YouTube videos about the Chi Machine: video1 and video2.
The Chi Machine
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The Sun Ancon (Sun Harmony) Aerobic Exerciser is the invention of Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a Japanese Doctor of medicine and the former Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association.  Dr Inoue got his idea by watching Koi carp swimming and considering the relationship between oxygen levels in the human body and the quality of health.