Imagine standing in this scene and taking a deep breath. You can almost feel the freshness of the air, full of life giving oxygen…….

Unfortunately, perhaps we only visit a place such as the Canadian Rocky Mountains or similar unpolluted atmospheres once or twice in a life time, Our reality is a deterioration in the quality of life sustaining oxygen in the air we breath.

Oxygen is our best friend and without it we die.

Oxygen , the most vital element, truly is the key to good health.

Oxygen is the life giving, life-sustaining element. The basic mechanism is that everything to do with our well being is 'aerobic' - oxygen loving - while everything that is out to destroy us, all hostile microbes, viruses and bacteria and diseased growths are ' anaerobic', which means that they hate oxygen and cannot survive in its presence, because of our polluted atmosphere due to many environmental reasons;

· planetary deforestation,
· automobile emissions,
· chemical pollutants,
· devitalised soil,
· electronic smog

and personal reasons;
· stress,
· bacterial, viral and fungal infections in the body
· lack of exercise
· poor posture and breathing
· poor diet
The whole range of these things is constantly putting our body under pressure. There is a breakdown, which is occurring to the human organism due to this pollution so there is an urgent need for our body's cellular structure to receive more oxygen.

People engaged in heavy competitive sport, working out in the gym, doing aerobic classes, although keeping their body fit, are actually depleting their oxygen levels and putting their body into an oxygen debt situation which takes some time to replenish. Gentle exercise, like walking, gentle jogging, swimming, even though they use some oxygen, increase the body's oxygen levels, thus putting the body in an oxygen surplus state.

The Chi Machine is not a substitute for regular exercise, but an added area of well being. Five minutes on The Chi Machine is equivalent, in terms of oxygenating the body to 30 minutes of walking exercise. Using The Chi Machine 15 minutes morning and evening as part of your daily routine is the best added health care you can offer yourself,
The best way to health is to be sure we oxygenate every cell in the body. The more oxygen we have in our system the more energy we produce.
The Chi Machine is a personal wellness tool of excellence, for all ages and all fitness levels.