Recent feedback: Comparison of Sun Ancon Chi Machine with copycat machine

From: Sue P
To: Nicola Gilbert
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 07:48:28
Subject: Re: Chi machine

Hi Nicola,

I said you may be hearing from me after I had ordered the R*** chi machine, well here it is. We have been using the R*** for around 5/6 days and we were a little concerned that the machine was a bit too rough on the body. Anyway we invited my sister with her Sun Ancon Chi Machine here last night. We laid the two machines side by side and my brother-in-law, whose back has been healed completely by his machine, lay down and put his feet on ours and my husband on the Sun Ancon. We turned both machines on.

Verdict - our observation: R*** was shaking my brother-in-law much harder, much more movement in the spine than the Sun Ancon, and after 3 minutes he asked if we could take him off as he was scared he could harm his back, he wasn't comfortable. We turned the speed down to around 110 and my brother in law said it felt more comfortable, but the findings from the Sun Ancon study was that 140 oscillations was the optimal level for benefit. My husband remained on the Sun Ancon, found much more soothing and the after affects on the R*** a buzzing in torso and legs, the Sun Ancon whole body from head to toe.

That's it, there is nothing more I need to do, I have packed up our R*** machine and I am sending it back now. I can appreciate that people who have not tried the Sun Ancon will possibly find the R*** a novel idea, could be helpful, but I would certainly be worried about putting someone with a bad back on it.

So once I have got my R*** returned I will be calling you to order a Sun Ancon -- and I thank you for your patience in this matter.

Kind regards,

Sue P
Hornchurch, Esssex