My mum tried the Chi Machine at a Complementary Health Clinic in Sheffield.  She has very painful arthritis, especially in her knees.  After only 4 minutes on the machine, the pain had eased enough so that she could kneel again where before she couldn’t.  She decided to buy one and on just ten minutes a day is still feeling the benefits.
Belinda Green
Sheffield, UK
Margaret, my sister advised Jim and I to try the Sun Ancon Oxygen Exerciser as she believed it would benefit our health and well being.  To our amazement, Jim focused on a diet and used the machine for exercise twice daily.  I believe he has never looked or been so well for a long time.  As for myself, I suffered from severe headaches at night.  Happily, I can now say there is only the occasional headache.  My index finger was stiff with arthritis — to my delight I can now bend it freely.  To add to all this, we feel great and would like to say thank you. We are so happy with the results we even take it with us when we go away.  “Oh what a feeling!”
Jim Cox and Betty Covers
Over the past 30 years I have been an asthma sufferer.  In the last 6-7 years I have had a number of trips to hospital, sometimes for weeks at a time.  I have had my Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser for about six months.  My life has changed, I am able to live without the medication I was taking a number of times a day
Marcia Pierce