An asthmatic since the age of five, over the years I have needed various medical drugs to help my breathing.  25 years of teaching and practising Yoga greatly helped, as has the good diet and quality supplement programme I have followed for the last five years, but I still needed my medication.

After using the Chi Machine for only six weeks my drug dependence went down every few days.  A year later I have not needed my drugs for 10 weeks, my energy levels are great, and I have avoided this winter's colds and flu.

Mrs Betty Dawkins
Leicester, UK
Over the past 30 years I have been an asthma sufferer.  In the last 6-7 years I have had a number of trips to hospital, sometimes for weeks at a time.  I have had my Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser for about six months.  My life has changed, I am able to live without the medication I was taking a number of times a day
Marcia Pierce
The Chi Machine and HotHouse combination works like magic for relief of Asthma!

I have suffered life-long from regular and often acute asthma attacks.  In my case, the relief gained by using prescription remedies is temporary and often accompanied by side effects, mainly a wicked headache and dizziness.  The temporary nature of relief provided to me by the use of prescription drugs has been most frustrating because of the unattractive choice left for me.  Take a dangerous dosage of a powerful drug cocktail far more often than prescribed and suffer the side effects or choke.

I had all but given up on this situation changing when I was introduced to The Chi Machine a few months ago.  Shortly after starting this new exercise I could feel my air passages start to relax and I was able to clear a lot of congestion by coughing.  By the time I completed that first ten-minute session, I was hooked because my airways were as clear as they had ever been in recent memory.  I continued to use The Chi Machine twice daily and was amazed to discover that many days I did not require my inhaler at all.  On days that I did require medication, the prescribed amount always did the trick.  After two months of using The Chi Machine regularly I have seen a huge improvement with just infrequent and comparatively mild attacks, which respond well to medication.  Side effects are still there but much reduced though.

Ah, but what happened the day I had an asthma attack and discovered I'd misplaced my inhaler is the real story! Just by fluke our HotHouse had arrived on that same fateful day.  I decided to use The Chi Machine and the HotHouse together as recommended just to see if it would help a bit 'till I found my inhaler.  Within seconds of beginning this dual therapy I could feel my sinuses begin to drain and within a couple of minutes I was able to clear my bronchioles and breath much more freely.  By the time that fifteen-minute session was completed I was totally clear of asthma, as in no wheeze, no rattle of phlegm, and no tightness whatsoever.  No drug or combination of drugs I have ever used has cleared up my asthma so completely.

Thank you HTE.

Jerry Winford, Jr.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
After using The Chi Machine for only six weeks my drug dependence went down to every third day or so.  Twelve months on using my wonderful Chi Machine, it is so noticeable how very clear my breathing is.  Sometimes, I can't even remember how long it is since I last used my drugs.  Here I am, my body getting older (like everyone on the planet) and my drug dependency is dropping away.  Defies all that I have ever been told about chronic conditions!