Spine — Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
After the first time used the Chi Machine my neck problem disappeared.  Over the last six months my allergies have got better and I have had none of the usual winter colds and flu.  I feel very fit and healthy.
Mr J S
Yorkshire, UK
As an ex-dancer at the age of 51, my body's beginning to stiffen up a bit.  The first thing I noticed about the Chi Machine was that my back, neck and shoulders have become supple again.  Now, as a busy primary school teacher, a job that requires a lot of energy, I wouldn’t be without 15 minutes on my machine every morning.
Mrs S C
Kent, UK
I have spent a great deal of money over the years on various alternative treatments to relieve my constant back pain, however since I have been using The Chi Machine I have gained enormous relief, my back has not felt this good for years.
Mr I E
Merseyside, UK
I had constant pain from a neck and shoulder problem.  X-ray results revealed degenerative changes with disc space narrowing and osteophytosis particularly at C6/7, Partial congenital fusion of C2/3.  I needed regular osteopathy treatment and was told there was no cure as it was wear and tear.  I have had my Chi Machine for 18 months and since then I have not needed to visit my osteopath.  I am totally free from pain, also I have stayed free of colds and flu, and my energy levels have improved greatly.
Flintshire, UK
As a result of being blown from the roof in May 1996 I fractured my spine and left shoulder.  The fractures healed well but the shoulder would only return to 80% normal function after fourteen months.

Having used The Chi Machine twice daily for several weeks, the last twenty degrees of motion (abduction) in my left shoulder was restored.  Although I had extensive chiropractic care and acupuncture as well as swimming and other rehabilitation work, the final return to normal function of my left shoulder has only been accomplished using this fantastic little machine.  Over the years we have looked at so many physiological therapeutic aids to assist and compliment the chiropractic adjustment but we haven’t found anything that has been truly effective until now.  I have personally found an added benefit in the relaxation and meditation state one can enter while using The Chi Machine which has been a major plus in the healing process.  The feeling of calmness I attain is valuable in a busy world.

Dr. John A. Hinwood, Dip. P.E. (Syd.) D.C. (Canada)
The Chi Machine, I can recommend it with no doubt in my mind as to its benefits, I have used this machine for therapeutic and health maintaining purposes.  It helps physical recovery and can contribute to rejuvenation, it also is good in stress management both mental and physical, and last but not least it gives one a sense of physical and mental well being.
The Chi Machine is the best thing I have ever done for myself in years!  Twenty-eight years ago I was pregnant with my first child and I weighed 99 lbs.  The baby grew to 9 lbs in less than 9 months!  As she grew my bones were softening to get ready for delivery, my back swayed inward, I carried 40 extra pounds in my stomach and I started to waddle as well!!  After having a c-section to deliver my baby, I got a migraine that lasted 10 days, and I have suffered for the past 28 years thereafter.  After my second child, I gained weight and my figure continually became pear shaped and sedentary.  I would spend 3 to 6 days in bed every other week for years.  Then, 5 years ago, the migraines started happening every week, so I spent more time in bed, I weigh 165 lbs now, and I feel as though I slept through my life.

Meanwhile, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and severe emphysema.  A friend brought over The Chi Machine for him!  I tried it for myself for 2 minutes, and it was very difficult for me to stay on my back any longer.  When I got up, I had a slight headache, but one Tylenol took care of it!  That headache was different because any slight headache becomes a migraine in my life.  The next day I tried it again for two minutes and, once again, a slight headache but no migraine- I was reminded that any natural healing is liable to get worse before there are any results!  My neck muscles were sore and I could hear crackling in my neck.  The vertebra at the base of ray skull was moving!  I have had a number of chiropractic and massage therapists try to move my vertebrae during the years.  They were not successful.  Now it's moving!

I then bought The Chi Machine for myself and continued to use it.  I had to tell everyone, that I made one mistake of trying to “work through the pain" only once, I can now tell you if your muscles hurt, cut your time in half just like the book says, and start slower.  I have been using The Chi Machine for 4 months, and have not had another migraine in the past two months!  The last migraine I experienced, I challenged it as a woman and I worked up to 15 minutes a day.  Now I am doing 4 minutes in the morning, and 6 minutes at night.  Every joint in my body is moving the right way!  I am also walking well for the first time in 28 years, and I can lie on my back for over an hour!  I am also getting my shape back.  I even have a waistline again!  I don’t recall how much I weigh, but I don't feel heavy like before.  I can wear a belt and it doesn't look like a ribbon on a box!  I've a pain in my tailbone for the past month that is subsiding now!  The Chi Machine has helped me start walking right and feeling more like myself everyday.  I want to tell everyone that I feel like "Rip Van Winkle!" All my friends are noticing my improvements and want The Chi Machine too!


Cheri Enfield
Arthur, Nebraska, USA
I was in a bad accident back in 1976.  I was driving a straight job truck, which is a smaller version of the semi, and I pulled out in front of a semi.  The impact was so great that it thrust me through the top of the cab breaking my neck and crushing the right side of my head.  I was told that the doctor used a plunger to put my head back in shape.  I have had severe back, neck and head pain for 24 years.  Well, I was introduced to The Chi Machine and the HotHouse so I went to a meeting to see what it was all about.  My first thoughts were that I had to sit for an hour and a half in severe pain without a cigarette.  Halfway through the meeting I told the speaker that I was in a lot of pain.  He went and got The Chi Machine.  I was on The Chi Machine for 2 minutes.  Then I went to the HotHouse and was under that for 10 minutes.  When I was done, I had more movement in my neck than I had in 24 years.  I also had pain in my arms that just hurt to tuck in my shirt and that pain was completely gone.  I stayed at the meeting for 3 hours and never craved a cigarette or had any pain standing or sitting.  I did, however, have pain in the top of my head, which lasted about 1.5 days.  I ordered The Chi Machine and now, after using it, I am full of energy all day long.  I feel like I have a new life thanks to The Chi Machine and the HotHouse.
Gilbert Dawson
South Haven, Minnesota, USA
I am writing to tell you of my good experience using The Chi Machine and the HotHouse.  Both have helped me at different times with various problems.  Being an electrician, I do a lot of reaching and bending.

A couple of months ago, my shoulder was so painful, I couldn't lift my arm without a lot of pain.  The last time this happened, I couldn't get my arm up without a lot of pain.  The last time this happened I had to get a cortisone shot.  I told my wife I was going to have to go to the doctor because of the pain.  My wife mentioned she had heard of someone else getting help with his or her shoulder with The Chi Machine, as we had already purchased one.  I decided to give it a try.  It was on Saturday that I first tried it.  By first putting my forearm on The Chi Machine for 20 minutes, a couple of hours after the first treatment I felt some relief.  I continued using it once a day for 20 minutes and by Thursday of the following week I had no pain at all and could move my arm in any direction and I didn't 1ose any work.  During the Chi treatment I found that using a pillow for support of my hand made it more comfortable.  I put The Chi Machine on the table to make it easier to use and made sure I drank the water before and after.  Also, I made sure I didn't move my arm after The Chi Machine stopped for about 3 minutes.  We also purchased a HotHouse.  It has helped my back and neck.  I have had a back fusion and I also have a bulging disk, plus chronic neck pain at times.  When I had a lot of pain, I felt I would probably need more back or neck surgery.  Since using the HotHouse, I feel it is helping me so much and I don't think I need any further surgery for those problems.

Harold Haver
I am not sure just where to begin, so I guess I will go back to about this time last year in 1999.  Frank had gotten real sick with a viral infection in his lower intestines.  He almost died, as you know how stubborn men can get about going to the doctor.  Well, I got him to the hospital finally and with some proper medication he started to get better, only to drop his small motorcycle on his ankle while at a service station fueling.  This put him on crutches for several weeks, at which time, since he was unable to use that leg, he started losing all his leg muscles.  By the time he was off the crutches and had graduated to a cane he was starting to get weaker and just not feeling very well at all.  One day he would be worse than the other and then he would have a few good days and then bang he would not even feel like getting out of bed that day.  Finally he started feeling well enough (or so he thought) to go out on a few holidays.  So off to B.C. we went.

Our third day at the west coast, he started having bladder problems and the water works department was on and off with him.  He had laid down for an afternoon nap at the campground when he had to go the bathroom, and couldn't.  His water works had shut down completely.  So I he was rushed to the nearest hospital, which was in Chilliwack.  Hours later they let him leave, but not before the urologist fitted him with a catheter and got the water works to work once again, and they sent us back to Alberta to see our own local doctor.  So of course back to Alberta we came, where the local urologist had all the tests done before he could get scheduled into the hospital for an operation on his prostate.  Finally four weeks later the operation was done with great success and no signs of cancer, only to find that he had a bladder stone the size of his thumb.  These we are told are very rare.  One in five hundred people get one.  So because there was so much blood in the first major operation, they had him come back 8 days later for another major operation on the stone.  This put him back in bed where he was pretty much bed ridden for another six weeks.  By now he has been bed ridden for close to four months, so the injured leg from the mishap in June was now almost non-existent as his muscles were completely gone from no exercise.

Then one day Ken brought over The Chi Machine for Frank to use.  Well, after just three times on the machine, Frank notices that his leg was a bit better and that he finally had some feeling in it.  I might add that with all his sickness, Frank had lost 40 lbs, which was 38 more than he could afford to lose as he is quite small to begin with, and from this, gout had set in so bad that he was having trouble standing up.  Walking without a cane was impossible.  He has continued to use The Chi Machine daily and his legs are getting better with each passing day and the muscles are finally starting to do their part.  We are so thankful for introducing us to this machine that we would recommend it to anyone who has any ailment.  Things seem to be coming along just fine and then we were introduced to the HotHouse.  So when we tried it for a couple of days, Frank was under it for an hour at a time.  After just one hour of treatment he was walking a lot better.  The gout pain seems to have subsided a lot and even the water works department was feeling better instead of getting up three to four times during the night.  Now he only gets up once.  What a difference that HotHouse has made!

I figured that if it was working so well on Frank that I should try these machines on my foot that was giving me some problems.  Seems that the doctor figured that I now have flat feet, and from walking a lot my foot had become inflamed.  The Chi Machine got oxygen into my system and the inflammation started going away, and after six or seven times on the machine I was walking like I had been doing it for years with no soreness coming back.  Well, when the HotHouse came, I figured that this might help my knees that have been giving me problems since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Wow, with just one 15-minute treatment I was out jogging around the West Side Lake, which I have been unable to do for 5 or 6 years, This machine is wonderful.  We were so impressed that we now have our own, so that we can use it daily.  The only way to describe The Chi Machine and the HotHouse is that you should not be without one!

Thank you again Ken & Leanne!!

Ann Odell
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
I thought that you might be interested with my experience of the Chi Machine.

I damaged the ligaments of the joint between my last lumbar vertebra and the sacrum.  Fluid collected at the site of the injury.  I was told that any twisting of my back could make the damage worse and the fluid would press on the sciatic nerve, resulting in a very sharp pain down my leg.

I stopped using the Chi Machine as I erroneously thought that it would cause trouble.  After two weeks, I rang you to be told that it would disperse the fluid.  So, as you suggested, I reduced the time spent on it to one minute only and then gradually increased the time.  I am now using it three times a day, five minutes a session.

Within days, the fluid had dispersed and the ligaments started to heal.  Three weeks later I can report that my back feels normal and no sciatic pain.  The Chi Machine is a wonderful help to returning to full health.

Please quote me to anyone who would be interested in my experiences

Once again, thanks for your advice.

Plymouth, UK
I was introduced to the Sun Ancon Exerciser five months ago and have since used it 15 minutes twice per day, a total of more than 250 sessions.  I am 58 years old and have played competitive squash for more than 40 years, so my body has been vigorously exercised more than most.  Tiredness and muscular stiffness has been accepted by me as something you live with.  Since using the Sun Ancon Exerciser I am amazed at how these feelings have disappeared.  After a match I feel loose and there seems to be no stiffness.  In addition my levels of energy, both physical and mental, are higher than they have been for some years.  My body organs are functioning like a well tuned car, it's a fantastic feeling!

Many of my friends are now using the Sun Ancon and experiencing the benefits.  Their improved levels of health are being manifested in different ways as their bodies respond to the stimulation received from this amazing machine.  They are telling me of less pain, better sleep, more supple back and neck, more energy, more regularity, being more relaxed and much, much more. I plan to use this little wonder for the rest of my life.

Haydn Daly
In 1960 I was involved in a car accident, where my skull was depressed, and there was a compression of two vertebrae in my neck.  There was also some damage to my brain.  Acupuncture relieved my neck and shoulders, where my muscles had tightened resulting in my shoulders being too high.  Relief was only temporary.  About seven years ago, a chiropractor helped me but it too was only temporary relief.  My neck would stiffen up again and I was unable to turn my head and look over my shoulders.  There was always a grating sound in my neck, always pain in my neck.  After 5 minutes on the Sun Ancon machine, I could feel the tension in my neck easing.  With use, the muscles in my neck relaxed and my shoulders returned to their correct position.

My hip muscles relaxed, allowing me to bend sideways again.  My flexibility returned, skin improved and as a bonus I lost 6 kg in 6-8 weeks.  I feel 10 years younger, and look better too.

Lorna Turnball
The back pain I have lived with since I was ten, when I was hit by a car, is now a thing of the past, with daily use of this machine.  Wherever I go, there are compliments on how well I look, my general health has improved as well as my appearance.
Marcia Pierce
I have been using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine regularly for the last twelve months and the first thing I noticed was a significant increase in my energy levels.  I also noticed a distinct improvement in my cervical spine, lumbar spine and sacro-iliac joint, which troubled me frequently.  They have been weak areas in the last ten years.  But since I have been using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine I seldom feel any discomfort or pain or stiffness and I feel much more confident in my physical abilities.  On the rare occasion I do feel some discomfort as a result of over work or incorrect posture, I just get on my machine and the discomfort dissipates.  In the past, I have also suffered from constipation from time to time, that is now unheard of.

At first I used the machine twice a day for five minutes and gradually increased the treatment to ten minutes twice a day.  However, now I am on a maintenance plan of once a day for ten to fifteen minutes.  I have never felt better, I particularly enjoy the relaxation during the treatment and afterwards.

As a massage therapist, I have had the opportunity to observe the benefits that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has provided for others.  One of my clients has MS and is only able to get around in a wheelchair.  Consequently, she has problems with lymphoedema.  However, after just a couple of treatments, I have witnessed the significant reduction in the size of her ankles, and of course, the relief of the pressure caused by the lymph build up.  The Sun Ancon gets the lymph moving, kick-starts the kidneys so that the urinary system is much more fluid than usual.  Consequently much of the fluid build up is eliminated and she feels much lighter after the treatment.  Her bowels also work better after the treatments.

Carol Stadelmann, Massage Therapist
I retired from my work as a chiropodist prematurely because of severe pain, stiffness and spasm in my neck and shoulders brought on by the postural stresses of the work and from the mysterious and troublesome condition dystonia (spasmodic torticollis).  A fellow therapist recommended the machine to me.  It is gradually helping my neck and shoulders to feel more comfortable, relaxed and integrated. I wish I'd known about it years ago.
Nicola Gilbert, Complementary Therapist
Sheffield, UK
Doctors stress the importance of spinal traction and the adjustment of bones and muscles.  An improperly aligned spine leads to sore bones and problems in the main and collateral channels, as well as in the vital organs of the body.  Thus, if the spine is out of proper alignment, it can cause such things as migraines, inflammation of the shoulder, spurs, sciatica, stomach aches, gout, and joint pain.  These problems can all occur because nerves radiate from the spine to the vital body organs.

The nervous system is the brain's communication system. A crooked spine constricts the peripheral nervous system radiating from it, and if that happens to extend to the stomach, the stomach will be pathologically changed.  Vital organs will ache.  Severe symptoms such as sciatica and spurs can result.  Sciatica patients can be successfully treated by using the Chi Machine for 3 months so long as the 2nd and 5th sacrum joints are not deformed.

A doctor who won the Nobel Prize for brain research, made this statement: "Better than 90% of the energy output of the brain is used in relating the physical body to its gravitational field.  The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy is available for thinking, metabolism, and healing."  It is amazing that 90% of brain activity is used just to keep us upright against gravity!  This also explains why distortions in the body can have such far-reaching effects and it shows how the Chi Machine can have such an overall effect on the body.  As it relaxes the spinal muscles, this begins to remove the spinal distortions and so the body naturally has more energy available for thinking, metabolism, and healing.

“An electromylograph records the difference in electrical potential and heat difference of the spine and compares the right to the left.  The information goes into a computer which gives us a colour print-out of the findings.  I had one of these done on my daughter before she went on the Chi Machine for the first time.  She was treated for 4 minutes on the Chi Machine followed by another scan on her spine.  The difference was astounding!  I don't mean to imply that everything was better, but the changes were certainly dramatic!”

Dr. Jim A., DC
In 1987 Connie was injured in a car accident that injured her scapula.  She was in constant pain until she started using the Chi Machine.  She has also suffered for years with sciatica and again the Chi Machine helped with this also.  After using the Chi machine for 2 months she is a different person.  She no longer suffers with backaches or sciatica and is more supple.  There were times when she could hardly walk.

Connie reports feeling better than she has done in years.  She uses her machine for 10-15 minutes at least twice a day and when she has pain — day or night — she uses it for a few minutes.

Vickie has had her Chi Machine since July 1999, when she had a severe problem.  Her chiropractor had her use the Chi Machine before he gave her an adjustment.  She was so pleased with the results that she bought a Chi Machine from him.  Later, she travelled to Florida to see her son who had had back surgery three times.  At that time he couldn't tolerate even 2 minutes on the Chi Machine.  They then decided to have him try it while sitting in a chair with his feet on the cradle for 10 minutes.  That night he felt much better and was able to lie on his back, which he could not do before.  He is doing much better now and uses the Chi Machine every day without fail.
After going to a chiropractor regularly for three years for back and sciatic nerve pain, Tony from Illinois began faithfully using the Chi Machine for a short period of time. He no longer has to go to the chiropractor, instead he just gets on the Chi Machine and has relief for the rest of the day.
Kris shared his testimony on the Chi Machine and his experience in overcoming sciatic nerve pain (pinched nerve condition).  He is a health consultant and is in contact with many health professionals, modalities, and related products and services.  His experience in self-healing with the machine, has given him a desire to share it with everyone.
Kristopher N.
I am writing to say how delighted I am with the FIR Belt.  As I told you, I broke the upper part of my right humerus in a fall on the ice at the beginning of the year.  This type of break can't be imobilised in plaster and is consequently very uncomfortable.

As a result of havine to lie on my back at night, I was only managing to sleep two or three hours before the pain would waken me.  Because of exhaustion and having to sit or lie about at awkward angles, my muscles between the shoulder blades went into spasm and began to pull the vertebrae out of alignment, something has happened now and again since I had my accident some years ago.  It's very painful and feels as if there is an arrowhead lodged in my spine.

I was in great discomfort and did not know how much longer I could keep going before collapsing through sleep deprivation and pains in my back and arm.

I had bought a Chi Machine from you at the end of last year which I was finding was having the most amazing results in terms of energy gain and general well-being.  One of my friends was so impressed by the way I looked that she has since bought a Chi Machine! Because of the broken arm, I couldn't use the machine.  One night I suddenly remembered the information I got with the Chi Machine, which included a flyer about the FIR belt and decided to order one.

When it arrived I put it on and within an hour noticed a warmth in my back and a gradual feeling of release.  By the end of the day, the muscles between the shoulder blades had relaxed, releasing the tension in the spine and the pain in the area had abated.  I kept the belt on all night and managed to get six hours sleep before the pain woke me.

That was about two weeks ago.  Since then, I have worn the belt 24 hours a day and have made extraordinary progress.  It helps me to sleep and the problem in my back has completely disappeared.  I also notice that I now have the most superb, easy carriage and can sit bolt upright for ages without aches and consequent slumping of the muscle in the lumbar region because of the gentle strangely effortless support from the belt.

Digestion and nerves have vastly improved and the arm is knitting fast, due, I am sure in a large part to the abatement of the pain elsewhere and the lessening of exhaustion, both of which seem to be directly connected with the wearing of the belt.

I am tremendously impressed and grateful for what this technology has done for me.  As you know, I love going on my Chi Machine and the results I am getting from my FIR belt have convinced me that this is something that I would like more and more people to know about.

There are so many things on the market that promise relief from pain.  I have tried all sorts - from magnets to herbs - but I have never got such amazing results as that which I have got from the Sun Ancon products.  I am now setting aside the funds to get the HotHouse Machine.

I would like to say thank you to Doctor Shizuo Inoue and his team for this wonderful technology and to all who distribute it.  It has really saved my sense of balance during this painful episode and I am truly grateful.

Henrietta Somervell