Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME
I bought my Chi Machine eighteen months ago to help with my M.E. and since that time I've experienced a number of different benefits.  The most exciting has been the increase in energy that happens after a session on the machine.  Not only is this physically beneficial but I also appreciate the psychological boost gained from knowing that if I'm having a bad day I can go on the machine and feel better.

A further benefit I've found is that I've toned up in a number of areas including my hips, thighs, back and tummy.  In fact the area around the hip bones has totally changed since using the machine, I had been under the impression I was carrying some fat around the area but now with the knowledge that the machine is proven to help with excess fluid I think I was suffering with fluid retention in that area.

A final area that has been the cause of great delight to me in recent weeks is that when I lie on the machine with my eyes closed I'm now experiencing an array of colours in front of my eyes.  This has previously happened to me during Reiki sessions and when meditating but it's amazing for me that I can achieve this during a simple Chi machine session.  I can actually "see" my energy change!

Sarah Swinglehurst
Cheshire, UK
I have had my Chi Machine for about a year, and it has helped me recover from chronic illness.

I developed ME in 1996.  I became so ill I was virtually housebound for over a year, at times having to crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees.  I had many symptoms, from constant headaches and sore throats to digestive problems and joint and muscle pain, and worst of all very little mental or physical capacity to do anything.  For months I could not even watch TV, and I was unable to read properly for perhaps 2 years.  Over the years I tried many different treatments, including nutritional and herbal approaches as well as physical therapies such as shiatsu and yoga.  These all helped my health to gradually improve, but I was still nowhere near well enough to work.

I became interested in lymphatic drainage as a result of studying the research into ME.  In particular I read a book called  "The Back and Beyond" by Dr. Paul Sherwood, which suggested that treating the lymphatic system could aid recovery.  This made a lot of sense to me and eventually I tried lymphatic drainage massage with a massage therapist.  I found this very beneficial and it increased my energy a lot, but was expensive and I could not afford to have it as often as I would have liked.

It was then that I heard about the Chi Machine.  I was lucky enough to be able to have a go on a Chi Machine at a friend's house and I realised immediately that this was a powerful treatment.  When I read about it I realised that this could replace the massages, not only that but it would be available at home for me to use every day, and other members of the family could also benefit.  So although it was a lot of money to spend, it seemed like a gamble worth taking, especially if it could help me improve and get closer to my goal of being able to work again.

I had to begin gradually like most people with ME, and build up slowly from one minute at a time on the machine.  I was careful to follow the instructions about drinking water before and after.  Within a short time I began to feel the benefit of using the Chi Machine.  As my energy levels improved, I finally lost the last of the "brain fog" which had plagued me for years, and all my remaining symptoms lessened.  I still use the machine every day and I am convinced it has been a major factor in my continuing improvement -- I notice the difference if I am unable to use it for a few days.  I also find I can use the machine for a few minutes at times when I am feeling a bit sluggish or having trouble waking -- it is like having been for a brisk walk but without the effort and time involved.  It is also a great de-stresser.

The beauty of the chi machine is that it increases exercise capacity and energy, even when you are unable to exercise properly yourself.  For example if I am suffering from a virus and not well enough to do my normal activities, I can still go on the chi machine.  I am convinced it has improved my recovery time when I do occasionally get a cold etc.  This makes it ideal for people with ME who desperately need the benefits of exercise, but are either physically unable to, or cannot do so without suffering problems afterwards.  I don't know if it can help everyone with ME as much as it has helped me.  (Now that would be a fascinating research project!)  For me however, it has been a vital piece of the jigsaw which I needed to get well, and it is impossible to express in words the difference this has made to my life.

Maggie Stern
Sheffield, UK
I got my Chi Machine about three months ago.  Do I have any regrets?  Indeed I do.  I wish that I had had it ten years ago as it has completely cured an uncomfortable tummy problem that I have had for many years, also other minor problems.

I was also diagnosed in 1988 with ME and have found that since using The Chi Machine I have had more energy to help combat the syndrome, which allows me to tend my large garden successfully.

I would like to give my grateful thanks to the very clever Dr. Inoue.

Mr. R. Stewart,
Things began to change, when I realised that M.E. spelt 'me'. From that point on I knew recovery was possible. I began to look at 'me', my attitudes, my expectations (of self and others), my lifestyle, my belief systems, indeed my life.

I went down with M.E. in February 1997, at a time when I was working too hard (but loving every minute of it) and also very busy in a voluntary capacity with charities, as well as family (3 children). I never stopped, and never made any time for 'me'.

Having your legs taken away (in bed for 3 months) makes you do one thing at least, that is confront yourself, there's no running away or filling life with activity. There is lots of time to think, and read and explore.

Since then there have been lots of ups and downs, remissions when I thought I had it licked and re-occurrences with all the frustrations they bring. I've worked hard trying to become well and tried lots of things, some of which have worked better than others.

I am careful with what I eat, and have completely changed my lifestyle eg resigned my full time job and now work part time (who would want to work full time?).

I have also changed many of my attitudes (don't do ought, or guilt), tried numerous alternative therapies (having given up on the medical profession fairly early on!). In particular homeopathy has been a great help, in part the remedies perhaps, but more especially the time to explore so many areas of my life, at a deep level, with a skilled therapist.

Since Christmas I have been better than I've been for years, almost normal (whatever that means!) and at a time when life has been highly stressful (recent close death in family, major house defect to deal with, etc . . . ), when in the past I would of collapsed in a heap!

I can only put this down to the Chi Machine I've been using every day since Christmas. It's great for a number of reasons and I believe has been the reason for my best health in years.

Just a few minutes a day on the Chi Machine is proving very beneficial, it's relaxing (a good excuse to lie down and do nothing), provides exercise without apparently doing anything (I was very unfit after years with no real exercise, yet recently I've been on some quite long walks, something I just couldn't do), it provides movement through the body in a way that seems to re-align bones and internal organs and testimonials show thousands of people world wide have been helped use the Chi Machine, from all kinds of conditions. I'm a bit of a cynic but can only put my new found health and fitness down to this clever little machine.

If you would like more info about the Chi Machine, in the first instance e-mail me at:

Trevor Gardner
I have discovered a life-changing -- perhaps life saving -- exerciser that actually lives up to its claim that "It does work.  You get the benefit." It works by greatly enhancing the distribution of oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, thereby changing your metabolic rate, and rejuvenating every aspect of your body, while you just lie on the floor (resting your ankles on the machine), breathe deeply and think happy thoughts for fifteen minutes!  It is great for people who don't have time or want to exercise or who are self-conscious about their bodies and want privacy.  I would not have believed it, had I not experienced it myself!

Since at least 1990, I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  At first, I thought it was just exhaustion from working a 40 hour week and another 40 or more hours in the same week doing volunteer work at a shelter for homeless people.  (I had done that every week since 1987).  But, in 1992, I discontinued most of that volunteer work and my community service work.  Yet, in 1994, I had become so ill that quite literally consciousness left my body.  I lost so much weight people started the rumor that I had AIDS.  I constantly needed sleep for 4-6 hours after having been awake for only five minutes.  It has been a very slow recovery.  Every day -- no matter how scorching hot and sultry humid -- no matter how frigid the winter -- I have had to go to my car and sleep during my lunch hour in order to make it through the rest of the afternoon's work.  And, I have done that, since at least 1990, even while fearing that sleeping in the parking lot could cost me my job.  Still, it was necessary.  Until I got The Chi Machine...

Almost immediately I did not HAVE to take a nap during my lunch hour!  In fact, if I tried to, I could not go to sleep!  I suddenly had sufficient energy to get through the whole day at work and an entire evening of work at home and the energy was alive and evenly distributed throughout the day!  It feels just like a miracle!  Here's another miracle: on the fifth day, I discovered I had lost 1/2 inch in my chest, waist and hips and THREE inches in my abdomen!!!  You know, where men have a "pot belly", and women look like they will be pregnant until they die.  I know, because I matched my measurements against measurements I had taken one month previously.  During this time period I had not been exercising, because of a back problem.  The only thing that had changed was my having The Chi Machine to use 15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening.  (When I first got a borrowed machine, I used it for 15 minutes at a time.  Only when I got my own machine did I get the instructions, which say that BEGINNERS SHOULD USE IT FOR 2 OR 3 MINUTES, at first, and then work up to fifteen.  So, probably, I got such fast results from "Jumping right in".  But, I didn't buy this machine for weight loss.  I bought it to help me with the excruciating back pain that I had from osteoarthritis (caused not only by "old age," but by old injuries to my back).  An X-ray of my back showed osteoporosis (probably created or worsened by my having smoked cigarettes for many years), arthritis, and bone spurs from the injuries.  The arthritis literally was dislocating my ribs!  And, now one hip is much lower than the other.  I was a hurtin' buckaroo!  It felt like my back was on fire all the time, and I could hardly get to sleep, much less stay asleep at night because of it.  After ONE WEEK of using The Chi Machine, I certainly am not completely cured, but I am ALMOST PAIN FREE!!!!!

I had experienced acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep connective tissue therapy, Reiki, Kahuna healing, chiropractic visits and massages.  Everything helped a lot, but then the pain returned.  We didn't know why until we saw the X-ray.  It was the machine that worked out the crooked ridges in my back and reduced the pain.  The person who massages my back can clearly see the difference.

What else?

I'm sure this is only the beginning.  A chiropractor asked me whether I would continue to use the machine, now that I had comparatively little pain.  I told her "I will use this thing as long as there is electricity!" The literature states that 15 minutes of using The Chi Machine is about equivalent to 90 minutes of brisk walking, in terms of body oxygenation.  All I know is IT WORKS!

The last thing I ever wanted to be is part of a multi-level marketing operation.  But, I literally believe it can benefit almost every person and can save the lives of some!  So, I now am a distributor.  The machine is not cheap.  But, it is the equivalent of the less expensive exercise equipment seen on television -- or the price of the spa I joined and went to about three times -- or the price I pay for vitamins and supplements every 2 months!  To me, it can cure the incurable and, therefore, is worth much more than I paid for it.  And, it's a one-time expense!

Rev. Nancy Watt
Dale City, Virginia, USA