I have quite bad circulation so I thought I'd give the 'Chi Machine' a go.  It was great — it really helped the blood to flow through my body more freely.  During the treatment it put me into a meditative state and I felt myself sink through below the ground.

Afterwards I could actually feel my feet and they had warmth!  It was as if something had been unblocked in my body.  I definitely recommend it to anybody who is considering using it"


I first got on The Chi Machine for 3 minutes and when I got up, I said "Wow!"  That was probably the first time I got an adequate amount of circulation through my lower legs. I immediately called my mother, Pinkie, because I hoped it would help her too.  Six years ago she had a brain tumor the size of a baseball removed.  While the neurosurgeons were prepping her for surgery, they discovered she had congestive heart failure and a trial fibrillation.  She had been misdiagnosed and over-medicated.

Mama survived the surgery, but two weeks later blood clots blew out a whole lung and half of the other.  The doctors said it was a miracle she survived and that her brain and heart cells and her lungs could not rejuvenate.  She was also diagnosed with diabetes.  For four long years her personality seemed gone and her quality of life was greatly diminished.  She couldn't drive and became dependent on others for just about everything.  My sister Chandler became her primary caretaker.

The week after I got my Chi Machine, I brought it to our family vacation at Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We put mama on the floor for one minute the first day and for a minute and a half the next.  That second day she took a walk down the beach!  It was incredible!  A week later she was walking around the grocery store without using her motorized cart!  After eight months of using The Chi Machine Mama's personality came back and her health had dramatically improved.  Mama's neurosurgeon was totally amazed and gave her permission to drive.  We never dreamed she would be able to drive again!  After using The Chi Machine for a year, the cardiologist told us Mama did not have congestive heart failure anymore — whoever heard of that!  Her lungs are now normal also and she does water aerobics for exercise and uses The Chi Machine twelve minutes twice a day. My mother has her life back because of The Chi Machine!

Joffrion Mitts
New Orleans, LA