I work as a natural therapist and I take care of seriously ill people (cancer, sclerosis, coma patients, etc.)

Last year I was taking care of Marina, a girl who was in a coma.  I visited her for two hours once a week.  As I mostly work with foot reflexology, I always massage the legs of the patients.  During one visit I noticed that she was very much disturbed by the position of her legs and perhaps by the catheter.  My intuition told me to put my hands on her knees and generate an alternate motion with my arms in order to swing her whole body, like seaweed.  She immediately relaxed and breathed deeply.  I kept on swinging for approximately 3 minutes.  When I stopped, she smiled at length and since that day, I would repeat the same exercise at every visit, which proved to be a rather arduous job.  Anyhow, Marina recovered a lot and now she nods, eats on her own, laughs and shows her emotions.

One week ago Christine O’Connor, an Australian friend and a distributor, got in touch with me and proposed the use of the Sun Ancon Machine.  Initially, I was rather sceptical because I do not like to use machines in my practice.  Machines cost a lot and there is no human interaction.  Christine encouraged me to visit your website and when I read the description of the Sun Ancon, my heart jumped for joy.  That is it!  No more hard exercises!  I immediately ordered the Sun Ancon and after 24 hours the Sun Ancon was in Italy.  An unbelievable service by UPS!

When it was delivered I immediately tried it for six minutes and when I finished…wow!  An incredible sensation reeled in me and I felt like I was flying backwards.  My whole body was sparkling with energy.  Finally I could experience the same sensations as my client Marina.  I understood why she felt good when her legs were moved quite similarly to the Ancon.  It creates an extraordinary healthy sensation and you desire to do it again and again as soon as possible.

Another amazing parallel is that I used to practice the “Kundalini Meditation “ which my master Osho taught at school.  In this meditation you shake your whole body while standing for 15 minutes and when the music changes you stop shaking.  You feel the exact wave of energy rising in your body which you get from the movement of the Sun Ancon.  So you could call your machine a “Kundalini machine”!

For the moment being, I thank Christine and the company for promoting such a great product.  I would certainly order many more machines because everybody in Italy wants to use them.  I feel this is the start of something great in Italy.

Pierre Pellizzari
I could not have imagined there would be so many benefits from using The Chi Machine.  I tell all my relatives and friends about the good news.  Dozens of senior citizens are now experiencing varying degrees of improved health — some of them have had chronic and persistent diseases.  An elderly man over seventy had a brain concussion and coma after a car accident.  After using The Chi Machine he completely recovered within one month, an incredible story!
Muyen Chen