I was diagnosed almost 15 years ago with endometriosis after suffering approximately 20 years with severe pain and abnormal bleeding with my menstrual cycle. I had a laparoscopy, and the doctor excised some unidentifiable "tissue", but nothing they did helped with the pain. I chose to do nothing more except use natural supplements and live with the pain since the alternatives had bad side effects and the doctor who operated on me (Dr. Redwine, who was the leading expert in the nation on endometriosis) did not recommend any of them.

Now, when I have pain, I lay under the HotHouse with it over my abdomen and most generally within 30 minutes or less the pain is greatly lessened and often disappears. Even when the pain wakes me up, after a short treatment under the HotHouse, I am able to go back to sleep. I am very thankful for the HotHouse. It would be hard to think about going on for many more years with this pain without it.

Robin Steele
Portland, Oregon, USA