I would like to give a testimony on the job The Chi Machine has done for me.  Iím living proof that it helped me with my Fibromyalgia after the second day.

I have never taken Tylenol PM to help me sleep since using The Chi Machine.  My husband says that I don't move my legs in my sleep anymore.  If I do wake up to use the bathroom, I can go back to sleep, I also have not had to use a laxative since I have been using the machine.

Previously I would go to bed, and couldn't get any sleep because my legs ached so badly.  I got on the machine for 10 minutes one night and went back to bed and fell asleep!!  It has really helped me!  Thank you!

Henrietta Kamminga
Kentwood, Michigan, USA
I purchased a Chi Machine because my wife has Fibromyalgia, a very painful soreness of bones and muscles.  We have used it for three weeks, and she is a changed wife.  She used to come home from work tired and sore.  She would plop into the recliner.  Now she mows the lawn and she does the wash.  It's fantastic!  She isn't completely pain free, but is (at least) 70% better.  When I rub her back, she is not half as sore, her hips don't hurt when she walks and she has more energy!  The Chi Machine is the best investment I have ever made for our health and well-being.
Ercel McPeak
Chilton, Wisconsin, USA
I have spent 7 years suffering and for the most part unable to work, due to fibromyalgia.  Every time I felt a little better, I started back to work part-time and in a couple of months I would be totally in pain and unable to work.  I was very depressed to say the least.  Life was miserable until I used The Chi Machine.

The first day I used The Chi Machine for five minutes and my torso moved but not my shoulders as I was a little sore.  The next day I used it twice and my body moved from top to bottom with very little discomfort.  On the third day, in the morning, I used it for ten minutes, stood up when I was done and without stretching bent over and touched my toes for the first time in 7 years!  I had been a high school coach and played soccer before diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so this was a big improvement and I felt very proud.  I then knew that The Chi Machine was sent from heaven.

I felt great and had a gleam in my eye and was stepping lively when I went into the bank.  The girls at the bank had helped me into my car several times over the last several years as well as calling help to pick up and carry me out twice.  They looked at me and the head teller said, "What on earth are you taking?  I want some!!!" I said, "Watch this!" and I bent over and touched my toes.  And moved my head from side to side, I then said, I'm not taking anything," and then told them about my new machine.

I then went to the local optometrist office to have lunch with my daughter, Dr. Partin.  She came in and said, "What in the world are you taking?  I want some!" She has chronic fatigue syndrome.  I went through the same scene as the bank.  The same episode was relived at church that Sunday.  I have not taken a muscular relaxer or pain pill since I have been using The Chi Machine, Well, you must know that I appreciate the opportunity The Chi Machine has given me with my health concerns.  I also love the business.  By the way, Dr. Partin is buying The Chi Machine.

Randy Lovett
Mustang, Oklahoma, USA
In 1995 Corinne was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Her body ached with pain and she slept only 2 hours without waking.  She was completely exhausted and suffered with migraines at least once a week and sometimes twice.  The headaches lasted from 24-48 hours.   After using the Chi Machine for two months, she is a different person. She now sleeps for 5-6 hours without waking, and has no more migraines.  She no longer suffers with headaches or sciatica and is more supple.  There were times when she could hardly walk.  The bottom of her feet stopped hurting and she has no more numbness in her left arm and hand.  There is less pain from arthritis, less indigestion, and better concentration.  She has experienced more energy and a feeling of well-being.  Corinne reports feeling better than she has done for years.  She uses her machine twice a day and if ever she has pain, day or night.