Margaret, my sister advised Jim and I to try the Sun Ancon Oxygen Exerciser as she believed it would benefit our health and well being.  To our amazement, Jim focused on a diet and used the machine for exercise twice daily.  I believe he has never looked or been so well for a long time.  As for myself, I suffered from severe headaches at night.  Happily, I can now say there is only the occasional headache.  My index finger was stiff with arthritis — to my delight I can now bend it freely.  To add to all this, we feel great and would like to say thank you. We are so happy with the results we even take it with us when we go away.  “Oh what a feeling!”
Jim Cox and Betty Covers
My Energiser has helped me with relief from tension, headaches and gives me energy.  As a squash court proprietor who spends most spare time sewing I experience minor back problems.  Recently, I loaned my Energiser out, so for three weeks I missed my warm-ups and cool-downs and was lacking in energy and enthusiasm for physical activity.  I gained great relief when I collected my Energiser again.

Some months ago I came home from a weekend squash tournament with the flu, but played a tough match on Tuesday morning and worked over a cutting table all afternoon.  By Wednesday morning my back was very sore with almost no flexibility, and I played poorly and in pain.  By the afternoon I again had my Energiser back.  In four 5 minutes sessions I could feel the stiffness relaxing.  I repeated the sessions on Thursday morning and was able to play that evening problem free.  A Friday morning session saw me with no back pain.  As well, the body aches from the flu had vanished although the cold symptoms and cough persisted.  However, early morning sessions helped break up lingering congestion.

My Energiser has helped me with relief from tension, headaches and gives me general well being and a higher energy level.

Robyn Stevens