Sleep Problems
After only 3 months of using the Chi Machine, I have lost 9 pounds effortlessly and I'm able to sleep 8 hours at night after years of insomnia.
P. Rickard
Hampshire, UK
Six years ago I was diagnosed with Milroy’s Disease causing lymphoedema throughout my body, and in that time I have gained twenty-five kilos of fluid in the tissues, which has caused toxin build-up and other problems.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and sleep apnoea.  Three months ago I was depressed and desperate, as all treatments I had tried for the pain and swelling had failed and I was getting bigger.  I was in complete agony with my back and legs to the point where I could not stand for more than twenty minutes or walk for more than ten.  Each morning it would take me about two hours to get mobile, and I would constantly fall asleep if I sat down for long.

Having always been an active person who loved tennis and dancing, and having been in the entertainment profession all my life, I found it absolutely heartbreaking not to be able to pursue these activities any longer, not carry out normal duties, and my work was taking a dramatic dive as well, as I could no longer handle the commitments.

Then a miracle happened, and thanks to a kind and caring neighbour, I obtained a Sun Ancon machine.  I can’t believe the improvement in only seven weeks!  I no longer wake up with blinding headaches and feel so full of energy—it’s amazing.  I can now stand for a lot longer, and in fact I am on my feet for hours at a time, and two weeks ago I was able to visit a local market and managed to walk for an hour without stopping to rest.  Now I am able to do my own shopping again in one hit and do all my own house cleaning in one day as I used to.  I no longer fall asleep when I sit down, and am back working in my profession two or three nights per week.  I have not had a sinus attack since using the machine, and my hair and skin have improved greatly.  The best news is though, I have lost two kilos in fluid, already.

My seventeen year old daughter recently contracted a severe dose of glandular fever.  After spending four days in bed extremely ill, she used the machine and was back at work within two days, completely recovered.  The best way to describe my Sun Ancon machine is that it is like a battery charger for the body, and using it for fifteen minutes two or three times a day suits me fine.  I couldn’t be happier, it’s given me a new lease of life.

C L Goodall
I have discovered a life-changing -- perhaps life saving -- exerciser that actually lives up to its claim that “It does work.  You get the benefit." It works by greatly enhancing the distribution of oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, thereby changing your metabolic rate, and rejuvenating every aspect of your body, while you just lie on the floor (resting your ankles on the machine), breathe deeply and think happy thoughts for fifteen minutes!  It is great for people who don't have time or want to exercise or who are self-conscious about their bodies and want privacy.  I would not have believed it, had I not experienced it myself!

Since at least 1990, I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  At first, I thought it was just exhaustion from working a 40 hour week and another 40 or more hours in the same week doing volunteer work at a shelter for homeless people.  (I had done that every week since 1987).  But, in 1992, I discontinued most of that volunteer work and my community service work.  Yet, in 1994, I had become so ill that quite literally consciousness left my body.  I lost so much weight people started the rumor that I had AIDS.  I constantly needed sleep for 4-6 hours after having been awake for only five minutes.  It has been a very slow recovery.  Every day -- no matter how scorching hot and sultry humid -- no matter how frigid the winter -- I have had to go to my car and sleep during my lunch hour in order to make it through the rest of the afternoon's work.  And, I have done that, since at least 1990, even while fearing that sleeping in the parking lot could cost me my job.  Still, it was necessary.  Until I got The Chi Machine...

Almost immediately I did not HAVE to take a nap during my lunch hour!  In fact, if I tried to, I could not go to sleep!  I suddenly had sufficient energy to get through the whole day at work and an entire evening of work at home and the energy was alive and evenly distributed throughout the day!  It feels just like a miracle!  Here's another miracle: on the fifth day, I discovered I had lost 1/2 inch in my chest, waist and hips and THREE inches in my abdomen!!!  You know, where men have a “pot belly”, and women look like they will be pregnant until they die.  I know, because I matched my measurements against measurements I had taken one month previously.  During this time period I had not been exercising, because of a back problem.  The only thing that had changed was my having The Chi Machine to use 15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening.  (When I first got a borrowed machine, I used it for 15 minutes at a time.  Only when I got my own machine did I get the instructions, which say that BEGINNERS SHOULD USE IT FOR 2 OR 3 MINUTES, at first, and then work up to fifteen.  So, probably, I got such fast results from '”Jumping right in”.  But, I didn't buy this machine for weight loss.  I bought it to help me with the excruciating back pain that I had from osteoarthritis (caused not only by "old age," but by old injuries to my back).  An X-ray of my back showed osteoporosis (probably created or worsened by my having smoked cigarettes for many years), arthritis, and bone spurs from the injuries.  The arthritis literally was dislocating my ribs!  And, now one hip is much lower than the other.  I was a hurtin' buckaroo!  It felt like my back was on fire all the time, and I could hardly get to sleep, much less stay asleep at night because of it.  After ONE WEEK of using The Chi Machine, I certainly am not completely cured, but I am ALMOST PAIN FREE!!!!!

I had experienced acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep connective tissue therapy, Reiki, Kahuna healing, chiropractic visits and massages.  Everything helped a lot, but then the pain returned.  We didn't know why until we saw the X-ray.  It was the machine that worked out the crooked ridges in my back and reduced the pain.  The person who massages my back can clearly see the difference.

What else?

I'm sure this is only the beginning.  A chiropractor asked me whether I would continue to use the machine, now that I had comparatively little pain.  I told her "I will use this thing as long as there is electricity!" The literature states that 15 minutes of using The Chi Machine is about equivalent to 90 minutes of brisk walking, in terms of body oxygenation.  All I know is IT WORKS!

The last thing I ever wanted to be is part of a multi-level marketing operation.  But, I literally believe it can benefit almost every person and can save the lives of some!  So, I now am a distributor.  The machine is not cheap.  But, it is the equivalent of the less expensive exercise equipment seen on television -- or the price of the spa I joined and went to about three times -- or the price I pay for vitamins and supplements every 2 months!  To me, it can cure the incurable and, therefore, is worth much more than I paid for it.  And, it’s a one-time expense!

Rev. Nancy Watt
Dale City, Virginia, USA
Note: Improved sleep is reported as an additional benefit in many other testimonials which deal primarily with other conditions.