Systemic Lupus
This very unique Chi Machine has changed the quality of my life so that I am truly in awe.  I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus or SLE over 10 years ago and have sought to restore my health from all the medical profession has to offer.  When you came to my home, I had just discussed with my doctor what could be done to help me with my muscle, joint and all over body pain.  I knew that medicine could be a problem and always wanted alternatives.  I find that the motion of the machine feels similar to an all over body massage.  I think it increases my blood circulation that in turn gives me some pain relief.  The pain seems to be reduced to the point that it is now manageable.  I truly enjoy the relaxation and find the feeling after the machine shuts off very pleasant.  It seems to align my spine and I have also noticed some decrease in my abdomen.  It has also helped with my fluid retention so that I have lost a few pounds.  Also, I have noticed that I have more energy.  I am monitoring my improvement very closely and I intend to keep you posted on the benefits of this wonderful therapy.

One of the most exciting things that The Chi Machine has done for me is that I can now get up and down.  About a year ago I lost so much mobility I could no longer get up and down.  If I lowered to a squatting position my legs could not push me back up.  After one week, using the machine several times each day, I noticed I could get up and down better and I soon discovered I could do several knee bends without stopping.  I am truly amazed and so joyful for all the aid the machine has given to me.

I truly feel grateful to you for being the instrument God used to bring this machine to me.

Judy Agostinelli