"New Age"
"... a deep intense feeling of connecting physical/spiritual energies, harmonising with the Higher Self whilst in meditation and later before sleeping --- a truly wonderful experience ..."

Anne Smith — clairvoyant, crystal ball reader and spiritual healer (MNFSH)

I had the most incredible experience on your Chi machine.  Initially it was very relaxing and then "bumph" in came the electric currents pulsating from the tips of my fingers to the tops of my toes.

I had not done any healing for about 8 months, having to go back into the 'real world' and the connection to the Divine I felt immediately after getting up was incredible, just shower after shower of pure divine energy.

Thank you so much

Love and light, Gudi

Having only spent three minutes — it was amazing — felt really good after — Energising, uplifting — WOW!"


As a person who practises regular yoga, I have discovered how my body feels when it's relaxed, but to experience this Chi Machine was a really wonderful gift.  Feeling the motion of the energy moving up through the whole body was wonderfully freeing.  I saw vibrant colours, kaleidoscopic behind my eyes, and buzzing hands.

At the end, the buzzing energy was through my whole body, almost as if I was floating.  I could have laid there for hours! Also, my heart space feels just vast and so expanded, as if I have been inhaling pure oxygen!

Thank you!


I often suffer from tiredness and low energy and pains in my neck.  This machine has made me feel more awake and energised and definitely relaxed.


Very interesting experience — at first I felt rhythmic movement which quickly changed to the point where I was out of my body.  I was still aware of a warm tingling deep within and throughout my body.  After the wobbling stopped I felt the energy flowing freely through my body.  Also, at the beginning of my treatment I felt my crown chakra open and release.

Karen — body practitioner using a variety of techniques

I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to try The Chi Machine.  I was absolutely amazed at the effects I felt after just a few minutes!

I use Reiki as a method of healing others, and myself and I found that just 5 minutes on the Chi Machine gave me the same lift of energy and healing benefits as a 30 minute Reiki treatment would.

My whole body felt like it had been filled with champagne bubbles, which is similar to the feeling that I experience during and after a Reiki treatment.  As you know the Reiki method of healing is undertaken using hands and therefore the feeling of energy (bubbles/electric/light/heat etc) can usually only be felt most clearly around the area that the healer is working at that time.  However with the Chi Machine, my whole body's felt the benefit of the treatment at the same time and for a substantial period of time afterwards.

I found that just 5 minutes on The Chi Machine gave my energy levels a wonderful boost and left me feeling very calm yet at the same time alert and refreshed.  I would whole-heartedly recommend the benefits of this Machine to anyone, and encourage anyone who, for what ever reason, is unable to undertake other forms of exercise or healing to try it.  I know they would feel the benefits.

Many Thanks

Jo Owen