Osteoporosis is a condition that affects especially older women and is characterised by decrease in bone mass, with decreased density and enlargement of bones spaces producing porosity and fragility.  Currently, 1/3 of postmenopausal women in the US have osteoporosis, and the US has the highest rate of osteoporosis fractures in the world.  However, the condition can be halted and even reversed using alternative treatments such as nutritional supplementation, diet, herbs, and natural hormonal therapy with progesterone cream.

This disease can be caused by decreased levels of oestrogen and progesterone, hormones that play important roles in bone building. The disease can also result from a poor diet and insufficient exercise.  The American diet of processed foods, carbonated soft drinks, caffeine, and high protein, sugar, and salt consumption can promote osteoporosis.
Celia reported that the Chi Machine indeed does help osteoporosis because it produces globulin in the blood (especially for people past the age of 30, and especially with women.)

Nancy R reported that an x-ray of her back showed osteoporosis, arthritis, and bone spurs caused by old injuries to her back.  The arthritis was literally dislocating her ribs!  One hip was much lower than the other.  She felt like her back was on fire all the time and she could hardly sleep at night, much less stay asleep because of the pain.

After one week with the Chi Machine she was almost pain-free.  She had experienced acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep connective tissue therapy, Reiki, Kahuna healing, chiropractic, and massage.  Everything helped a lot, but then the pain returned.  They didn't know why until they looked at the x-ray.  It was the machine that worked out the crooked ridges in her back and reduced the pain.  The massage therapist could see the differences clearly.  Also, the bone spur on her foot is receding.  Everyday there is a difference and she is often pain-free.