Miscellaneous Testimonials
I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to try The Chi Machine. I was absolutely amazed at the effects I felt after just a few minutes!

I use Reiki as a method of healing myself and others, and I found that just 5 minutes on the Chi Machine gave me the same lift of energy and healing benefits as a 30 minute Reiki treatment would.

My whole body felt like it had been filled with champagne bubbles, which is similar to the feeling that I experience during and after a Reiki treatment.

As you know the Reiki method of healing is undertaken using hands and therefore the feeling of energy (bubbles/electric/light/heat etc) can usually only be felt most clearly around the area that the healer is working at that time. However with the Chi Machine, my whole body's felt the benefit of the treatment at the same time and for a substantial period of time afterwards.

I found that just 5 minutes on The Chi Machine gave my energy levels a wonderful boost and left me feeling very calm yet at the same time alert and refreshed.

I would whole heartedly recommend the benefits of this Machine to anyone, and encourgage anyone who, for what ever reason, is unable to under take other forms of exercise or healing to try it.  I know they would feel the benefits.

I started using The Chi Machine in April 2002.  As a result, I have achieved a greater sense of well being.  I feel more alert, less hungry and I can now wear clothes that are two sizes smaller than I was wearing at the beginning of the year.  When I get that mid-afternoon lull, I can get on The Chi Machine for five minutes and I feel rejuvenated and energized for the rest of the evening.
Ruby Hyde
Florence, Alabama, USA
Two or three weeks ago I had a bad cold with a 102-degree fever and I was taking nebulizer treatments every four hours (or sooner).  The first night we got the HotHouse, my nose was plugged up, my lungs were tightening up and I was feeling like I needed to take another treatment, but I laid under the HotHouse instead for 1.5 to 2 hours.  When I got up, I could breath deep and my nose was opened up!  Yesterday, I was running a Thatcher on the yard and the wind blew grass clippings all over me.  In previous years, I haven't been able to even mow the lawn, something like this normally would have made me start sneezing and by evening have an asthma attack.  (One year I was even in the hospital for a few days after mowing the lawn).  It was a warm muggy day after using these machines, nearly 24 hours later, I haven't had an attack and my nose is no worse than usual, and that's amazing.
Curtis J. Gordon
Paulding, Ohio, USA
In 1989, I became disabled with emphysema - Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  It was difficult for me to take a shower or even walk to my car.  I was mostly housebound.  On my own, I began using a treadmill and an exercise bike.  This helped me to some degree and I became resigned to a life of just existing.  In January of 1997, I was hospitalized for 6 weeks and almost died.  I was told I caught a virus.

In December of 1997, I had lung reduction surgery.  This operation really changed my life.  I was able to shower on my own and go out by myself in my car.  I was still on oxygen and feeling a lot better.  I still had my disease but my quality of life had greatly improved.  Then in December of 1999, I was introduced to The Chi Machine.  When my sponsor, whom I have known for the past 20 years, came over with The Chi Machine, I told him I had no intention of buying this before Christmas and that he could go back home.  But after being on The Chi Machine twice that evening I ordered it that night!  The day after I received The Chi Machine, my 80-year-old brother-in-law from out of town came in to see his chiropractor, After being on The Chi Machine twice, he phoned and canceled his appointment.  He said: I don't need an adjustment.  I've been on The Chi Machine. He is more limber and agile now and feels terrific.  Naturally, he now owns a machine.  I talk to my sister (who has emphysema) in Ontario every weekend.  I was feeling so terrific that I told her about The Chi Machine.  After listening to me for two weekends, she ordered one without even trying it out.  She said it was the best thing she has ever done.  She feels terrific!  She even told her doctor about it and he said to keep using it.

In January of 2000, I was diagnosed with a Characinoid tumor.  I had to have CT scans, x-rays, blood tests, etc. before it could be determined if I was operable.  On February 4, 2000, I went for a blood-gas test.  The doctor said that I was 100%!!!  Since that time, I have been off oxygen and I cannot describe how terrific I feel- If you have breathing problems, you have nothing to lose by trying The Chi Machine.  My friends, when you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

Ivan Loranger
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I have had The Chi Machine for almost three weeks.  I use it two times a day, at least 10 minutes each time.  For 25 years I have suffered from lower lumbar, shoulder and neck stiffness.  My muscles, ligaments and tendons are continuously sore.  That condition has diminished significantly.  I notice more stamina and I sleep more soundly.  There has been a noticeable change in my left shoulder rotation - more flexibility.  I also do Jin Shin Shitsu.  When a client uses the machine before a treatment, the pulses or energy flow seem to come up faster.
Colorado, USA
My daughter gave me The Chi Machine as a birthday gift last year right after I had surgery on a toe.  After using The Chi Machine for several days I felt the blood circulating inside my body and the pain from the wound from the operation totally disappeared.  A few days later even the redness and swelling of contusion went away.  Very soon I could walk without the aid of a cane and the convalescent period was so short that even the doctors had rarely heard of such a thing.

At present, I insist on using the exerciser two to three times daily.  My body weight has dropped more than 20 pounds, and the effect is especially evident in the reduction of fat around the abdomen and buttocks.  I could not have imagined there would be so many benefits from using The Chi Machine.

I tell all my relatives and friends about the good news.  Dozens of senior citizens are now experiencing varying degrees of improved health some of them have had chronic and persistent diseases.  An elderly man over seventy had a brain concussion and coma after a car accident.  After using The Chi Machine he completely recovered within one month, an incredible story!

The Chi Machine brings me health and vitality as well as the appreciation and gratitude from happy users- I whole-heartedly feel that Hsin Ten Enterprise brings great benefit to mankind.  I'd like to share this good news with many more people.

Muyen Chen
I've had prostate problems for the last three years and was steadily getting worse.  I tried a friend's Chi Machine and purchased one and then purchased the HotHouse.  I didn't get relief right away but I kept using both machines.  I began to feel a tingling sensation from my feet to my head and that's when the burning sensation that I had been experiencing when urinating and the frequent trips to the bathroom at night disappeared.

My wife has used both machines for pain in her back, knees and feet and it has relieved them.  These two machines have made life so much more pleasant.  If you're a prisoner in your own home due to prostate problems, get these two machines and start to enjoy life again.  In my opinion you couldn't put a dollar to better use.

Gordon Lothian
Stavely, Alberta, Canada
We got our personal machine on Feb. 12, 2001.  We never sold our first machine until March 19th, because when you spend over CAD $800 on a machine nobody else really needs to know.  But when you see the difference it's had on the Yonkman family and how it has changed our health, you just have to show your friends how it can help them too.  We never realized we had so many problems.  Here are just a few and its amazing that after a couple of months we find more illnesses that we have overcome that are a bonus.

My son Mitchel, 12 years of age, had an operation at 4 years of age for his varicose veins in his left leg, but still had swelling from the operation since it was not a complete success.  After a matter of a few days with The Chi Machine, no more swelling or bruising, and the big thing, no more pain.

My oldest daughter has been using The Chi Machine right from the start and finds that her shin splints and the soreness in her knees have disappeared.

My middle daughter said that The Chi Machine was not for her.  After two months of having the machine, she has seen what a difference it made to the rest of the family.  She now books in her time also.  She is now a believer since it got rid of cramps in her legs just after a couple of sessions.

My wife has seen the most benefits.  She had migraines at least once a month, but more like every other week.  She would go to the hospital for a needle and two $60 pills, plus spend two days in bed.  Yes, no more migraines for over two months, machine paid for.  She has not gone to the chiropractor either.  She doesn't wear socks to bed and doesn't need me to rub her back to sleep.  And if you have constipation kiss it goodbye, if you need something to keep you regular, The Chi Machine works.  No more pain in sciatic nerves and bone spurs on feet disappear.

For myself, I lost 7 lbs in the first three weeks and I am finding that my pants are still getting looser.  My blood pressure is dropping.  If you have ever had to come up for air when clipping a toenail just after 6 weeks I can clip all 10, no problem, The increase in flexibility is amazing.  I used to snore very loud, the people that know me can assure you of that, but after a month my rumble doesn't wake my wife.  And my mouth is still moist in the morning.  If you have a tired back, The Chi Machine is a must.  Just after a few minutes you're all refreshed and ready to go.  But probably the biggest change is the increased energy I have.  In the past I would be snoring on the couch at 8 p.m., now it is after 11 p.m. and still going strong.

I've just touched on the most noticeable changes but there is much more - just pull me aside and I will tell you that The Chi Machine has made one huge change in our lives and to the people I have shown, the changes it has made for them in a very short time.  Everybody has a different problem.  Give The Chi Machine a try and you will be very pleased.  We just don't look after our bodies like we should but here is the opportunity to change all that.  You will love the results.


Bernard Yonkman
Vermilion, Alberta, Canada
Diseases had tortured me for twenty years, and I was a man almost forgotten and abandoned by my community.

Twenty years ago, I began to feel more and more fatigued, but I did not know what the cause was.  There was tension and pain, and later the disease progressed into general muscular cramps.  It happened frequently, sometimes over ten times a day.  More and more symptoms occurred, such as headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss and emaciation.  I would have severe pain after walking ten minutes or more.  I could not sit or stand for longer than half an hour at a time.

I lost my ability to work and my family left me, I lived on social welfare and had a very hard time.  Year after year I made inquiries about medicine and drugs.  I visited doctors of western medicine as well as Chinese traditional medicine.  I spent several thousand dollars on acupuncture, moxibustion and massage.  I was able to pay my bills through the help of my brothers and sisters, but eventually their help ran out and I became unable to afford to pay doctors, Everyone has his or her own family and other financial burdens.  No one could be expected to have enough money to be giving financial aid to someone else for an extended period, When the symptoms broke out, I could do nothing but endure with dogged willpower,

I had a family - a very happy one full of joy.  As the disease failed to respond to any medical treatment, there came to be no hope for recovery.  Unemployment and poverty caused them all to leave.  I lived in the empty home all alone.  I was powerless and helpless, without any savings.

Three weeks ago, just by chance, I met a friend named Amy.  She recognized my desperate situation, and recommended that I visit a doctor.  She has high regards for the doctor.

In mid-August, I made a great effort to make my way over to China Town.  On Canal Street, I saw what seemed to be a plain and ordinary clinic.  Could it be that a sleeping dragon or a tiger was sleeping there waiting to be discovered?  Dr. Yong-Ping Li was the one I was seeking.  "Yong" means "forever" or "always" in Chinese and "Ping" means peace".  Thus, his name means "always peaceful".  His very name conveyed a sense of good wishes and blessings.  I certainly hoped it would be so.  I entered the clinic with a prayer on my lips.

Dr. Li listened to my major health complaints, occasionally asking some questions.  After a general examination he said, "Right now, massage is not appropriate for your disease. I was puzzled and did not understand what he meant.  Was my disease too serious to be cured, or was he afraid that I could not afford the huge expense for treatment?  It seemed that he sensed what I was thinking.  He explained, "It is not that Im not willing to treat you by massage.  In your case, massage will take 1-2 months to do any good, and you'll need to spend a lot of money.  Right now the best choice is to use The Chi Machine."

I had sought out doctors and medicine for twenty years, and none had the desired result.  Was it possible that The Chi Machine could do the job?

Dr. Li said, "The Chi Machine produces rhythmical oscillations.  You are lying down while doing the exercise, so there is no pressure at all.  It produces the beneficial effects of a general massage.  It relaxes the muscles and nerves.  Tension and cramps will disappear.  Aches and pain will be reduced.  This oscillating exercise will accelerate general blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve your general well being and regulate the functioning of your nervous system.  If you continued doing it for an appropriate length of time, your health will recover.

The detailed explanation and sincerity of Dr. L made me believe he was not like all the others and was to be trusted.  But how was I going to do this?  Where was I to get five hundred dollars to buy The Chi Machine?  I told Dr. Li of my financial difficulty.

"You may come here and use The Chi Machine every day, two or three times each day free of charge." I could not believe my ears.  When Dr. Li repeated it again, Free of charge for an entire month," I was then sure it was true!

I went to Dr. Li's clinic and used The Chi Machine twice a day.  It is now the twelfth day and the aches and pain I had over my whole body have basically disappeared and I have no more cramps in my muscles, I can walk for half an hour without any pain, and I sleep well.  Every morning I feel good when I wake up.  What a blessing and how wonderful it is!
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Li.  The Chi Machine has saved me!

Stephen Mui
Brooklyn, New York, USA
According to Dr Larry H, Naturopath, there have been remarkable results for those suffering from muscle cramps, migraines, and inflammation with the use of the Chi Machine.

It has also been a boon for those suffering from arthritis pain, chronic sciatica, and back pain.  If there is any discomfort, you need to cut back on time for awhile and build up very slowly.  This comes from excessive toxins in the body and not enough water intake.

If you have migraine headaches, put your hands underneath your head to help stimulate response.

Dr. Larry H, N.D.