Stress and Relaxation
The trouble I had been having with my shoulders disappeared soon after I began using my Chi Machine.  I use it every night before I go to bed.  It totally relaxes me, helping me forget all the tension and troubles of the day, and get a good night's sleep.
Mrs C O
The Chi Machine, I can recommend it with no doubt in my mind as to its benefits, I have used this machine for therapeutic and health maintaining purposes. It helps physical recovery and can contribute to rejuvenation, it also is good in stress management both mental and physical, and last but not least it gives one a sense of physical and mental well being.
The Chi Machine makes me feel better, it lifts depression and helps me cope with life.  I have also managed to lose weight, my body is now more toned and supple.
Clwyd, UK
The trouble I had been having with my shoulders disappeared soon after I began using the machine.  I use it every night before I go to bed.  It totally relaxes me, helping me forget all the tension and troubles of the day, and get a good night's sleep. After the first time used the machine my neck problem disappeared.  Over the last six months my allergies have got better and I have had none of the usual winter colds and flu.  I feel very fit and healthy.
Mr J S
Yorkshire, UK
The Chi Machine is a simple-looking little thing.  Just an electronic (actually mechanical) box that you rest your ankles on.  So simple, I'd decide, it couldn't possibly work.

But intrepid journalist that I am, I duly laid down and switched on.

Once I'd got my ankles in a comfortable position (not easy) and my spine straight, it vibrated my body into ripples.  The motion swings your entire body from side to side in a gentle, undulating fashion.

At first it seems like a silly thing to be doing.  But you stop giggling as the gentle rhythm soothes and lulls. I could feel the wiggle going from my feet right down my legs, up my body and spine into my neck.

I laid there, head wobbling like David Grey mid-song, aware that I looked a bit ridiculous.  But after a few minutes I didn't care; I'd gone with the flow.  And when the machine timer suddenly clicked off, I felt quite robbed.

Instructions said I should lie still for a few minutes afterwards.  As I did so, I could feel a tingling sensation in my — a boost in circulation, I assumed.

As I got up, my back felt stiff, but it soon eased.  After using it a few times, I noticed niggly aches in my back and neck were relieved each time and, bizarrely considering I’d done nothing, the backs of my legs and bottom felt like they had gone through a mild workout.

Although I did feel slightly more energetic, the overriding benefit I felt was one of relaxation.  I definitely felt better for those ten-minute sessions.

I felt myself long for a chi break all day...

Jo Davison
Article in The Sheffield Star newspaper
Friday 4th April, 2003
On September 20th, 1997 I tried The Chi Machine for the first time.  I felt the "chi" that everyone was talking about and I was excited about the potential.

September 26th my own machine arrived.  We used it for 5 minutes initially.  Within a few days my sleeps were far more restful and my temperament was so much better.  I was handling my son's pooh-filled nappies better.  Dreams were vivid, more clear and able to be totally recalled.

By the first week I had more energy -- I put my clients on the machine, they felt the benefit.  First period in years only lasted two days and I felt no discomfort - didn't know it was there.  My depression decreased and I had an all over feeling of well-being.  For one month use on a steady basis I can report a 2 kg weight loss.

Hearing is returning to my deaf left ear, I use The Chi Machine to help me relax and enhance my digestive process.  Thank you.

Anne Therese Clark
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Several years ago I was becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to help patients with conditions such as macular degeneration and recurrent attacks of ititis, for which we have no definitive treatments.  I began to study nutrition and other alternative healing systems.  I also wanted to learn about stress-reduction techniques.  Stress adversely affects so many people today, and I believe reducing it should be a physician's priority.

I attended seminars and workshops on mind-body or alternative medicines, gaining insight into various healing programs.  At a 1999 workshop, I spotted a demonstration of an unusual machine.  Intrigued, I tried it.

I was invited to lie on a mat and place my feet into the device, which was called The Chi Machine.  When it was turned on, the machine moved my legs laterally.  After 5 minutes it was turned off and I felt simultaneously relaxed and energized.

The Chi Machine was developed by a Japanese physician who was looking for a way to more efficiently oxygenate the body.  The wavelike motion of the body on the machine creates a lateral flexion of the spine, which stimulates the autonomic nervous system to open the bronchioles, thereby increasing oxygen exchange and creating an alpha wave state similar to meditation.  Fifteen minutes on the machine provides the oxygen equivalent to 90 minutes of brisk walking.  Once I discovered the benefits of this alternative treatment, I wanted to share it with everyone, including my patients.  I use the machine in a variety of ways in my  practice.

Before patients undergo LASIK and other surgeries, we put them on the machine for about 10 minutes.  We combine this with another therapy called the HotHouse, a far infrared device.  The combination helps our patients relax and enhances their LASIK experience.  Our patients are enthusiastic about these therapies.  They leave my office rejuvenated.

In the office we also have a "Relaxation Room", where we play relaxing music and have The Chi Machine on a massage table.  When patients have had to wait too long to be seen, we instill their eye drops and put them onto the machine.  After 15 minutes they become different people, often asking if they can stay on it longer.  This reduces stress and any ill will they're feeling for the long wait.

We've introduced this treatment to patients with various conditions and with outstanding results.  For example, Jennifer is a 31-year-old cystic fibrosis patient on a waiting list for a lung transplant.  When her husband came to me for LASIK, she saw him on the machine and asked if she could have a turn.  After 15 minutes, Jennifer said her breathing had significantly improved.  She phoned 4 days later to report her physicians found her oxygen levels had also improved.  We've also had outstanding success treating patients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression and neck and back pain.

I'm excited to present my patients with solutions to chronic complaints.  I've discussed this treatment with other ophthalmologists, who are incorporating it into their practices.  Because I'm an ophthalmologist, patients come to me to treat their eyes, but as a physician, I want to treat their whole mind and body.

Dr. Nathan Lipton, MD
Dallas, Texas, USA
The relaxation derived from The Chi Machine has been phenomenal!  Waking up and getting on the machine every morning is the best.  I also use it to alleviate pain.  The gentle oscillation opens my pinched nerve channels and realigns my body by relaxing cramped muscles.  I have less pain, better sleep, and a better attitude.
Christopher Jepsen
Santa Rosa, California, USA