I am amazed at the benefits I have seen and felt from The Chi Machine.  Originally my husband and I bought the machine purely to replace our weekly massages and we have been delighted with the additional health changes resulting from consistent use.

I started at three minutes once per day, as my general health was quite low.  After two weeks my left trapezium muscle (left upper shoulder area) started to heat up, and it released energy for 3-4 days continuously.  I knew a healing was happening on a childhood injury so I didn't worry.  Since then my shoulder area is the freest I ever remember, though I've danced since childhood and have had consistent chiropractic care for thirty years.

I have absolutely no doubt my autonomic system is balancing, that my long-standing scoliosis is relaxing and that my circulation is being improved (my left foot sometimes has hot pins and needles).  Using the machine creates a quieting effect that is a marvelous start and finish to my day.  Itís an excellent adjunct to chiropractic care.

Three months ago I had a very painful arthritic attack in my hands and feet my genetics were starting to manifest.  Presently (Nov. '97) I am aware of the vaguest stiffness, joint pain and swelling.  I am certain that the machine is at least partly responsible, as it is the only factor that I changed since my last debilitating attack.

As I said, I am surprised to say the least.  I never thought I would be writing a testimonial for a machine, but I do so of my own volition and wholeheartedly recommend The Chi Machine.  Whether you want wellness benefits or more specific health results, I suggest you use the exerciser along with other factors like a wholesome diet.  There are protocols, which must be followed and as long as these are in place, regular use may well surprise you also.

Dr. Judy Hinwood, Dip. P.E. (Syd.) D.C. (Canada)