Anyone who has suffered from shingles knows what I am talking about when I say that the pain associated with this illness is intense.  Never before have I experienced anything so painful.  Seven years ago I had my first attack of shingles.  It lasted about 2.5 to 3 weeks, the medication from the doctor was expensive and almost impossible to use, as it was very thick and very painful to apply.

My second attack happened just 2 weeks ago.  During the night I woke up thinking that I was having a heart attack, then realized that I had the shingles again.  Not knowing what else to do I got up and took the HotHouse out and sat on the couch with it around my back, quite close to my skin.  I used it that first time for about 1.5 hours.  The pain was completely gone!!!  That was amazing; with shingles the pain is usually continuous.

By using the HotHouse whenever I felt pain come on, I was able to be completely free from the shingles within about 4 days.

During the 4 days, I was able to function normally and the pain completely went away.  This is a vast difference from the first time I had shingles.  The pain was so bad the first time that I could not sit in a chair, wear a shirt (the weight of the material against my skin was too painful) or conduct any daily affairs.

Once more the HotHouse has paid for itself!!!  I have to say again, that I would never again be without either one of these machines in my home.

Ken Cook
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada